About Write 4 My Soul

    Write 4 My Soul is a nonprofit expressive writing organization.  We utilize a wide variety of writing styles including poetry, journaling, lyric writing, storytelling, stream-of-consciousness writing, and more to explore and break free from the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are often deeply rooted in adverse experiences, memories, and trauma.  

    Write 4 My Soul provides expressive and creative writing facilitation, mental health services, and mental health referrals to children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. 

    Our program has 4 primary goals:

    Services We Provide:

    • Group Expressive Writing Workshops
    • Individual Expressive Writing Sessions
    • Mental Health Education, Anger Management, and Conflict Resolution Coaching
    • Addiction Prevention and Awareness
    • Development of Reciprocal Skills (Reading Comprehension and Written Expression)
    • Family Support and Engagement
    • Tools for Strengthening and Building Positive Relationships 
    • Tailored Programs for Children (My Friend Name Pen Series), Teens, Adults, Families, Couples, Women, Men (The Men in MENtal Health Series), and Addiction (The ADDict Series)
    • Resources and Referrals to Further Mental Health Services

    Write 4 My Soul is a Holistic Program

    We focus on the whole person, including their mental and social environment.  We not only provide effective tools to address mental health issues and traumas, but guide individuals to finding clarity on how their mental health issues and traumas derived. In other words, we get to the deep-rooted issue, remove bad weeds, plant seeds of inspiration, fertilize souls through written expressions of positive thinking and affirmation, and support individuals as they blossom into the beautiful person they were born to be.    

    Although the outcomes are powerful and life-changing, our program is fun, relaxing, and lighthearted.  We empower people to freely write about thoughts and feelings attached to their stressful and traumatic life experiences without judgment or concern for style, spelling, punctuation, or grammar.  Our job is to GUIDE… not GRADE!  We help them translate these chaotic emotions and feelings into words; reflect and connect them to challenging experiences, make sense of the correlation; release stress, negativity, and unconstructive thoughts; and replace them with positive affirmations.  In the end, they reclaim their authentic voice and join a community that’s connected through shared stories and experiences. 


    An Alternative to Traditional Counseling

    Traditional counseling can be an effective method for addressing mental health issues, but it is not for everyone.  Some people are not comfortable talking to a stranger about their problems, and others fear being judged due to negative stigmas surrounding mental health diagnosis and treatment.  In addition, traditional counseling can be expensive, and not everyone has health insurance coverage. 

    Psychological wellness and growth can take many forms, and traditional counseling is but one of them. There are a wide variety of methods for self-healing; expressive writing is one that Write 4 My Soul specializes in.

    Benefits of Expressive Writing

    The scientific evidence is clear that writing to manage stressful, painful, or traumatic events (including abuse) improves physical, mental, and emotional health. Expressive writing helps you break out of a limited mindset, into a life free of toxic emotional, spiritual, and physical limitations.

    James Pennebaker, professor of psychology at the University of Texas and pioneer in the field of expressive writing, shares that expressive writing can:

    • Enhance your immune system.
    • Lower your heart rate. 
    • Improve your mood.
    • Reduce stress and anxiety.
    • Spark behavioral changes (e.g., improvements in grades and decreased alcohol intake)

    Expressive writing can be fun and life-changing. Not only does it release toxic junk from your heart, but it also boosts your immune system and promotes a positive outlook. It is also a wonderful cure for releasing deep emotional pain, bitterness, resentment, and anger.

    Let us show you how to live a life of peace. Embark on a literary journey of self-exploration and mental wellness today.

    Meet the CEO

    Dr.Keisha A. Wizzart, PhD

    Donate Today

    Donation to Write 4 My Soul supports our mission of providing low-income individuals with mental health treatment and resources to improve their quality of life.

    Please be sure to state “This donation is for the Write 4 My Soul Program,” when making your contribution.  Failure to do so can result in your donation going to another organization. 

    Contact Information

    For speaking engagement and business inquiries, please send an email to: info@exstardinary.com